8 May

Branded Backpacks from Brandability

One of the best and most cost effective methods of raising brand awareness is to utilise space that otherwise would remain blank. Putting your brand on these wasted areas is a great way of putting your name out to in the world, and at Brandability there are many excellent solutions. With a range of goods that covers all areas, each of which they can add your brand name or image to, Brandability is the perfect online store for excellent corporate gifts and branded goods, and the collection of totes, bags and backpacks is one of the simplest yet most effective methods.

Available in a wide variety of colours and styles, the top quality promotional clothing are among the best of the bunch, and make for a practical and usable corporate gift or promotional tool for your employees. Affordable and durable, these backpacks come in many different types and sizes, and you can choose from small versions for children, or larger ones that are suitable for adults. For students, backpacks are a must, and this is an area where Brandability has helped many businesses build their brand awareness quickly and easily.

From shoulder bags which are unique corporate gifts to tote bags, carry bags and travel bags, and even stylish wallets, you can choose a wide variety at Brandability, and the friendly and helpful team will be more than happy to help guide you in the direction of the perfect choice for your needs. Clever and usable laptop bags are an excellent choice, and the novel yet equally practical wine coolers make a great corporate gift with a difference. The trick is not to overlook the blank space that could be used to further your brand awareness, so why not get in touch with Brandability and see what their comprehensive range has for you?

6 May

Enjoy Beautiful Mozambique at Tofo Villa

There are some places that are simply so beautiful they leave visitors amazed; Tofo Villa, close to the village of the same name on the coast of Mozambique, is one such, and it really is a quite spectacular place to be. The amazing beach front location, with its coconut palms and clear, warm Indian Ocean waters, is just one of the many attractions of this exclusive and exotic villa resort, and there are many more besides. For a family holiday in a tropical paradise this could be the perfect choice, and for romantic holidays, little can match the wonderful atmosphere.

The villa – there are four in the private accommodation mozambique – has four bedrooms and can comfortably sleep two families, while a houseman is in attendance and, although not a waiter or chef, will happily take guests into the nearby Tofo mozambique for shopping or entertainment. The village is home to a number of fine restaurants, some of which serve delicious local seafood dishes with fresh produce, and lively bars, as well as some shops, while the local markets are perfect for finding local produce to take back to Tofo Villa and cook in the fully fitted kitchen, or to barbecue on the beach.

Whether you choose to relax on the beach, cocktail in hand and resting under the shade of a palm tree, or indulge in one of the many water sports – snorkelling and diving are highly recommended hear, and the beach is perfect for beginners – you can enjoy your stay at Tofo Villa to the full, and the sense of tranquillity, peace and relaxation that pervades here is something that is difficult to match anywhere else in the world. Take your family to Tofo Villa, Mozambique, and give them a holiday they will never forget.